Ordering your scale model of equipment by photo or screenshot

To order a scale model-a copy of your military equipment: tank, aircraft, helicopter or vessel, from the online battle simulator War Thunder, World of Tanks, DCS, World of Warplanes, you must send an application to model48@yandex.ru

In the application specify:
1. Type and name of equipment. Example: the T-34-85; Yak-9B.

2. Scale of the replica model. Example: 1: 72, 1: 35 (for ground vehicles), 1:48, 1:32 (for aircraft).

3. Delivery: just in the package, in a transparent blister, on the stand, on the stand - vignette (imitation of soil, grass).

4. Attach screenshots-screenshots-from each side, top, bottom. 

5. Describe other wishes.
After receiving your order there will be a cost calculation.
Production time-from three weeks.

Prices (from):

aviation 72-rd - 120 euro. 

aircraft of the 48th - 150 euro. 

Armored 72th - 80 euro. 

Armored 35th - 100 euro. 

Premium model and the 32nd - 250 euro.
The final price is calculated individually, based on the model brand, color scheme and labels.